Wet Collectors

With the new NFPA classifications for flammable and explosive dusts, wet collectors are now the best, safest and most economical solution for many applications. Wet collectors can be configured as a down-draft table, as a stand-alone unit to be used as a central collection system, or even arranged to work as a wet booth for precise containment and efficient collection in larger areas that may be difficult to source capture.

We will review your specific needs and application to recommend and design the correct unit and system to match your requirements. We offer also offer turnkey systems. We can handle as much or as little as works best for your operation. From design to permit procurement to final start up or as simple as having a wet collection bench shipped directly to your facility! As always, our broad line includes a full array of equipment that ensures your compliance with OSHA, local Air Quality Board, NFPA and local jurisdiction requirements.

Wet Downdraft Tables

The DualDraw Wet Downdraft Table (WC Series) is a specialized air pollution control unit that uses water as its filtration media. Designed primarily to address combustible dust challenges, this solution safely and efficiently collects particles from applications such as grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing.

The Downdraft Table version within the WC Series provides operators with efficient dust collection while maintaining operator versatility. This is accomplished through the combination of both downdraft and back draft airflow for superior containment of dust and its pin-hinged, removable side wings that direct airflow yet can open or be removed if required by the particular part being worked or processes being performed.

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Wet Stand-Alone Filter systems: Wet Scrubbers

DualDraw Wet Stand-Alone Wet Scrubbers use water as the filtration media to capture airborne dust. Our wet scrubber systems are engineered specifically to fit your particular dust producing application. Typically, facilities will duct these systems to independent hoods or pick-up points throughout a facility. Smaller systems can also be used to address a single pick-up point or have an extraction arm attached for versatility.

The water filtration is typically used to address applications where combustible metal dust is generated – such as grinding, sanding, or deburring materials such as aluminum, titanium or magnesium.

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Wet Walk-In Clean Air Stations

DualDraw Wet Walk-In Clean Air Stations are designed to address challenging dust-producing applications that are best contained using a ventilated three-sided room. Most often these solutions are used by operators working on large or awkward parts that cannot be easily placed on a downdraft work surface or under a ventilated hood.

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Wet Downdraft Booths

The DualDraw Wet Downdraft Booth uses water as its filtration to capture airborne dust. The “TB” booth style is used for maximum containment of particulate – the design comes standard with the patented DualDraw perforated downdraft work surface, (2) fixed sides, the vented back stop, and an overhead top with a light. The “TB” enclosure is typically used by customers that have standard part sizes that do not vary. This style also is useful for processes that require extra visibility, such as an inspection process, where the overhead light is used.

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