Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems can play a key role in the overall efficiency and cleanliness of your manufacturing environment. Whether it be a small chip collection application or a central vacuum system to clean your entire facility, we have the equipment and expertise to find the best solution for your needs. Our systems are capable of vacuuming both wet and dry materials and application ranging from small dust particles to large metal scraps. Our broad line includes portable, stationary, explosion proof and HEPA filter fitted solutions. We can ensure your compliance to any OSHA, SCAQMD and NFPA requirements. We can design the correct vacuum system to solve your exact needs.

Central Vacuum Systems

All industrial central vacuum systems & equipment are custom designed to meet your specific needs. American Vacuum Company will help you select, design, and install the proper industrial vacuum equipment with the exact tubing & fittings, system separators, pumps and cleaning tools needed for the most efficient central vac system possible. We are experts in all types of industrial vacuums and industrial vacuum cleaners. Because we design central vac systems per the application, our central vacuums can collect a variety of materials. Contact American Vacuum today to put our industrial central vacuum expertise to work for you.

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Stationary Vacuums

Our Stationary Vacuums range from 1 HP units through 30 HP variants and are designed for continuous 24-hour per-day operation. These stationary vacuum systems are built to meet your custom applications & needs. We offer all different types of stationary, continuous duty vacuums including regenerative blowers, PD pumps as well as centrifugal blowers. Our expertise and knowledge will help you select the correct system. Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials.

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Portable Vacuums

Our Portable Industrial Vacuum units offer dependability in a transportable fashion. With our portable vacuums ranging from 1 HP all the way through 30 HP, we have a solution that meets your portable, movable cleaning needs in an industrial setting. Our rolling portable industrial vacuum systems are designed to run 24/7 continuously and can handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs. From shop-keeping to chip collection, the Arco Wand brand has been an industry leader in industrial vacuums for over 100 years. Our portable industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials.

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Power Lift Vacuums

High Volume Power Lift Bulk Material Vacuum Systems. Units come standard with removable storage hoppers with up to 40 Cu.Ft. of storage capacity or can discharge material into a preferred container. Up to 16" HG" of continuous vacuum. Need to move mountains of material; this bulk cleaning vacuum is the ideal unit. Ideal for conveying over long distances. All Power Lift Vacuum systems are designed to operate as stand-alone portable units or can be hooked to a central tube system. The Power Lift can come equipped with a diesel engine & trailer making the unit the ideal outdoor vacuum system. American Vacuum offers HEPA upgrades for our Power Lift Vacuum Systems. These systems are also available to collect silica dust and silica sand.

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Air Operated Vacuums

American Vacuum is an industry-leading supplier of air operated and pneumatic vacuums. Air Operated Vacuum Cleaners offer up to five times the performance of conventional shop vacs. These Pneumatic Vacuums operate without electricity and have no moving parts providing a spark-free environment. The air operated vacuum cleaners offered by American Vacuum are ideal for recovering large amounts of dangerous material in hazardous locations wet or dry. Air powered vacuums range from 18 to 55 gallon. All come standard with grounded hose and cleaning tools. Our industrial pneumatic vacuums can collect a variety of materials.

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Our Vacuums Meet NFPA & OSHA Requirements

American Vacuum offers several Vacuum Cleaners to meet environmental regulations including NFPA & OSHA compliant industrial vacuums and vacuum tools. All systems are designed and built to meet the most recent of regulations. American Vacuum's long line of experience and expertise in the field of handling hazardous material will ensure that you select the appropriate system for your application. Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials

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