Woodworking Dust Collection - Case Studies

Woodworking – Bag House Collector

Woodworking mill using common and exotic woods had multiple small systems that did not meet the SCAQMD requirements. Installation of new central dust collector equipment provided source capture to all of their various machines including various saws, sanders, molders and planers. Discharge airlocks and leveling screws allowed the chips and dust to flow into enclosed bins providing the required clean environment. Using much of their existing system while modifying it to current standards provided substantial cost savings.

Location: City of Industry, California

Process: Various woodworking equipment

Dust Collection Equipment: Reverse pulse Cyclonic Bag House

Air Volume: 160,000 CFM

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Woodworking – Cyclone Dust Collector

New school wood shop required a system that would allow all of the woodworking machines to be in use at the same time. Using a cyclone dust collector with separate after filter units provided the equipment that allowed the students to use any of the equipment while meeting the budget requirements of the school. The system was connected to a band saw, table saw, planer, router and other standard shop equipment. The school is a new modern school that wanted the best and most practical solution for their shop.

Location: San Jacinto, California

Process: Various woodworking equipment

Dust Collection Equipment: C4450 Cyclone Dust Collector with After Filters

Air Volume: 8,000 CFM

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