Wet Collectors

Case Study: Titanium Grinding – Wet dust collector

In order for this prominent aerospace firm to meet safety requirements, while desiring also to bring a process back in house so that greater control and cost measures could be implemented, a new deburring booth was installed to meet that need. Attached to the booth are two (2) 16,000 CFM wet collectors that effectively provide airflow through the booth while safely collecting the titanium dust from the airstream.

The system was designed with soft-start panels that also control booth lighting for single point of control. The water is sluiced out of the bottom of the collector via a timed valve and sent to a separating tank for settling of material and reuse of the water.

Dust Collection Equipment: Two (2) 16,000 CFM AAF wet collector units with integrated 75 HP fan packages

Total Air Volume: 32,000 CFM

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