Vacuum Systems

Case Study: Golf Shaft Manufacturer – Central Vacuum System

Clean Air Specialists was approached by a major golf shaft manufacturing company to design and install a central vacuum system. This system required 30 vacuum ports strategically located throughout the manufacturing plant. The goal was to facilitate general housekeeping for the nuisance carbon strands from the production lines. These carbon strands would settle on equipment, walls, electrical panels, and enter the HVAC system creating both employee and equipment hazards. The company needed a solution to capture this particulate from the production lines, facilitate housekeeping, reduce static-charge disruption costs on electrical systems, improve the cleanliness of the facility and increase workers’ safety.

CAS provided turnkey services from design & plan preparation through complete system installation and equipment commissioning. The requirements, which allowed a number of operators to clean at the same time while efficiently and reliably providing 24/7 clean capabilities and meeting OSHA, NFPA and local authorities' requirements, were fully met. Training was provided to plant staff to ensure optimal operations, and the company continues to report increased cleanliness, improvements in efficiency, and decreased maintenance costs throughout the plant.

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