Powder Coating Dust Collection - Case Studies

Powder Coating - Cyclone and Cartridge Dust Collector

Equipment manufacturer required the ability to not only clean the air but also to reclaim valuable product. The dual cyclone pre-cleaners collect re-usable product which is then conveyed back to the powder spray system. The SFC cartridge collector provides the collection of fine particulate before returning the cleaned air back to the work area.

Process: Powder Coating production line

Dust Collection Equipment: Dual 3600 Series Cyclones and SFC32-4 Cartridge collector

Air Volume: 14,000 CFM

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Powder Coating - MCB Dust Collection Modules

A popular choice of dust collection for the powder coating industry is the MCB series of modular dust collectors. The 4500 CFM units can be fitted in a variety of configurations to both new and existing spray booths or containment areas. The MCB series provides excellent cross flow velocities and extremely even airflow through the work area as the result of extensive computer design. The simple cartridge change-outs add to the versatility and ease of these units.

Process: Powder Coating Booth

Dust Collection Equipment: Two MCB-03 modules

Air Volume: 9,000 CFM

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