Composites Dust Collection - Case Studies

Composites - Cyclone and Cartridge Dust Collector

Provider of custom machined prototype blanks required a dust collection system that would keep up with their new 5-axis milling machine. The system provided includes source capture capability right at the tool head. As the tool throws material in virtually all directions, floor sweeps were provided to allow fast clean up after milling was complete. The system is fitted with a sensor that shuts the system down when their waste container is full. The cleaned air is returned into the facility to save on air conditioning costs.

Location: Mojave, California

Dust Collection Equipment: High speed milling operations

Solution: Cyclone pre-cleaner with Reverse pulse SFC12-3 Cartridge Collector

Air Volume: 7,000 CFM

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Composites - Modular Dust Collection Booth

Provider of bullet proof armory required a contained area to perform finish grinding on various plating pieces. A dust collection booth was provided that had a center divider with individual controls on the motor starter panel to provide the proper amount of air when and where required. The area is now fully contained and no longer allows fugitive dust to migrate and potentially damage sensitive controls and electronic equipment.

Location: Vista, California

Process: Armor plate finish grinding and sanding

Dust Collection Equipment: MCB18-H Modular Dust Collection Booth

Air Volume: 27,000 CFM

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