Bulk Powder / Food Powder Dust Collection - Case Studies

Bulk Powder - Cartridge Dust Collector

Producer of energy bars and foods required a dust collection system that would contain the dust from their blending operation without collecting valuable product. A new cartridge dust collection system with custom stainless steel hoods provided the answer. The hoods were fitted with vinyl curtains that allowed the blender to move into various positions while product could be introduced. The new system also returned the conditioned air back into the facility providing additional cost savings and comfort for the employees.

Location: Irwindale, California

Process: Ingredient Blending Operations

Dust Collection Equipment: SFC8-2 Cartridge Dust Collector

Air Volume: 4,000 CFM

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Bulk Powder - Cyclone and Cartridge Dust Collector

Provider of blended food powders required a environmentally controlled room that would allow them to work multiple shifts for their busy mixing and processing area. Their previous system was undersized, unreliable and unfriendly to operate. A new system was installed using a cyclone separator as their processes dealt with everything from fine powders to material that would bulk and clump. Large particulate was taken out by the cyclone and the cartridge dust collector would perform the fine cleaning work. The cleaned, air conditioned air was then recirculated back into the facility. This allowed multiple shifts to work comfortably in a dust free environment and provided substantial energy savings.

Location: City of Industry, California

Process: Weighing, blending and mixing of various food powders

Dust Collection Equipment: C3600 Cyclone with SFC16-4 Reverse pulse Cartridge Dust Collector

Air Volume: 8,000 CFM

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