Buffing / Polishing Dust Collection - Case Studies

Buffing - Self Contained Cartridge Collector

Gear manufacturing company with tight space constraints required a system that would adequately collect from their bench operations. A system was designed including custom collection hoods for their specific requirements. The system maximizes their space requirements and provides large dust collection performance at a fraction of the price.

Location: Anaheim, California

Process: Dual wheel buffing stations for small parts

Dust Collection Equipment: Self Contained Reverse Pulse Cartridge Collector

Air Volume: 1,400 CFM

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Polishing and Buffing - Cyclone & Cartridge Dust Collector

Wheel and vehicle part plating company needed a solution to accommodate their new automatic robotic polishing and buffing operation. A new cyclone was fitted to their existing dust collector to provide the perfect, low cost solution. Working within their budget to accomplish the goal of accommodating the entire automatic system, the dust collector was installed and ready to operate by the time the first parts were being test run through the system.

Location: Anaheim, California

Process: Robotic buffing and polishing operations

Dust Collection Equipment: C3600 Cyclone with SFC24-3 Cartridge Dust Collector

Air Volume: 8,000 CFM

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