Abrasive Blasting Dust Collection - Case Studies

Abrasive Blasting - Cartridge Dust Collector

Large Abrasive blasting facility that primarily refinished barges and small ocean vessels required a system that could not interfere with the height of their large work. This required a special design that allowed part of the collection system to move with the chamber doors. Specific requirements determined a working airflow velocity that was tested and met with flying colors. A second blasting chamber was fitted soon after this one was completed.

Location: San Diego, California

Process: Abrasive Blasting of Ocean Vessels

Dust Collection Equipment: Four (4) SFC64-4 Pulse Jet Cartridge Collectors with four (4) ground mount fans

Air Volume: 115,000 CFM

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Abrasive Blasting - MCB Dust Collection Modules

A company that refurbishes cars required an abrasive blasting area that would control the very light and heavy dust produced by their soda blasting operation. The system is self contained and enclosed. The collectors return the cleaned air back into the abrasive blasting area. Before, they could only blast for several minutes at a time. They can now continue blasting until their pot runs out with no down time.

Location: Oxnard, California

Process: Abrasive blasting classic cars with soda

Dust Collection Equipment: Two (2) MCB-06 reverse pulse Dust Collection Modules

Air Volume: 18,000 CFM

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