Abrasive Blasting Dust Collection - Case Studies

Abrasive Blasting - Cartridge Dust Collector

Large Abrasive blasting facility that primarily refinished barges and small ocean vessels required a system that could not interfere with the height of their large work. This required a special design that allowed part of the collection system to move with the chamber doors. Specific requirements determined a working airflow velocity that was tested and met with flying colors. A second blasting chamber was fitted soon after this one was completed.

Location: San Diego, California

Process: Abrasive Blasting of Ocean Vessels

Dust Collection Equipment: Four (4) SFC64-4 Pulse Jet Cartridge Collectors with four (4) ground mount fans

Air Volume: 115,000 CFM

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Abrasive Blasting - MCB Dust Collection Modules

A company that refurbishes cars required an abrasive blasting area that would control the very light and heavy dust produced by their soda blasting operation. The system is self-contained and enclosed. The collectors return the cleaned air back into the abrasive blasting area. Before, they could only blast for several minutes at a time. They can now continue blasting until their pot runs out with no down time.

Location: Oxnard, California

Process: Abrasive blasting classic cars with soda

Dust Collection Equipment: Two (2) MCB-06 reverse pulse Dust Collection Modules

Air Volume: 18,000 CFM

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