Clean Air Processes

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Abrasive Blasting

Large Abrasive blasting facility that primarily refinished barges and small ocean vessels required a system that could not interfere with the height of their large work.

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Gear manufacturing company with tight space constraints required a system that would adequately collect from their bench operations.

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Bulk Powder

Producer of energy bars and foods required a dust collection system that would contain the dust from their blending operation without collecting valuable product.

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Provider of custom machined prototype blanks required a dust collection system that would keep up with their new 5-axis milling machine.

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Kitchen Emissions

Stringent requirements for pollution control devices and emissions by local authorities for restaurants, bistros and commercial cooking facilities are ever more increasing.

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Manufacturer of helicopters required new air cleaners for their machining operations using water based coolant.

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Metal Working

Manufacturer of custom milled metal sheeting required a system to contain and collect dust from automatic metal sanding operation.

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Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical / Food Processing Applications

Important batching operations require stainless steel, food grade extraction arms for proper airflow and to comply with FDA requirements.

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Powder Coating

Equipment manufacturer required the ability to not only clean the air but also to reclaim valuable product.

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Vacuum Systems

Industrial central vacuum systems are ideally suited for in-plant cleaning and production line housekeeping needs. These system bring many cost-saving advantages to a facility such as eliminating loud, throw-away portable vacuums, lower maintenance costs, reduction of housekeeping hours and the convenience of single point collection of waste materials.

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Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Vehicle exhaust systems for fire stations and other exhaust fume collection.


The SFC Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes.

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Wet Collection Applications

New NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommend or require certain flammable / explosive dusts to be collected via wet dust collection units. These can provide a measure of safety and well- being for many applications. Additionally, these units typically do not require on-going filter replacements as these high-efficiency wet collectors can strip out harmful pollutants safely and effectively. Down draft wet collectors are also an effective solution to many local grinding and finishing needs.

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Woodworking mill using common and exotic woods had multiple small systems that did not meet the SCAQMD requirements.

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