About Our Company

Clean Air Specialists, Inc. is the exclusive representative of United Air Specialists’ products in the Southern California region. This includes the Mexico border cities as well as Las Vegas and parts of Western Nevada. Our professional staff looks forward to working with you to solve your industrial air cleaning needs.

United Air Specialists Inc has been providing air quality solutions worldwide since 1966. We have a broad and diverse product line incorporating leading filtration technologies to meet your specific need. From our Southern California office we offer a full range of products and services to meet your air cleaning needs. These include Exhaust fans, Vacuum Systems, Wet Collection units, Paint Booths and various other industrial ventilation products to meet your every requirement.

All products meet or exceed regulations set forth by O.S.H.A., S.C.A.Q.M.D., and the E.P.A. We also offer the best backed product warranty in the industry. Our experienced staff will help you with the best solution, not just sell a product. We’ve built a solid reputation for value, quality, and service and would like the opportunity to demonstrate this to you as one of our valued customers.

Core Values:

Lifewater is one of the care concerns we partner with. We give a portion of our profits to Lifewater and by doing business with us you are also contributing to this cause.


Serving the Southern California region, Las Vegas and the Northern Baja California Border